Having a headshot taken might not be your top priority. It could be because you don’t love having your picture taken. Or you could be questioning whether headshots are worth the investment. Or maybe you’ve simply been too busy to fit it into your schedule.

Trust us. We’ve heard all the excuses. There are a lot of reasons people avoid getting in front of the camera. Which is unfortunate, because your portrait is important. Marketing experts agree that an updated, professional headshot can help establish trust and credibility in business.

If you’re on the fence about booking a headshot, we’ve got five good reasons that just might sway you…


Do you want to form a connection with your customers? Show them your face.

People don’t build connections with businesses, they build connections with humans. A company that displays nothing more than logos, text, and stock images appears lifeless and unrelatable. By sharing photographs of the living, breathing people behind your business, you present a more personal side that customers can identify with.

A great headshot helps you appear authentic and genuine: key ingredients in forming relationships with prospective customers.


When you hear “headshot” or “corporate portrait”, you might envision an expensively dressed professional in front of a solid background, looking directly at the camera with a megawatt smile.

While traditional portraits like these are very common – especially in more formal businesses – they aren’t the only style of headshot taken. Your portrait style should be consistent with your brand personality and the industry of your business.


If you’re still rockin’ a headshot from 10 years ago, it’s time for a new one. Your headshot shouldn’t be of a younger version of yourself. We strongly recommend retaking your photo every 2 years to keep things up to date.

And it’s not just age that matters. Consider having a new portrait taken with any major change: growing a beard, drastically coloring your hair, shaving your head, new glasses, major weight loss, etc. Embrace your individuality and what makes you YOU.

A good rule of thumb: your photo should be an accurate representation of what people would see if they met you in person today.


With so much business being conducted online, it’s difficult to make yourself memorable. By adding a professional headshot to your website, LinkedIn profile, email signature, or media publication, you will stand out and make a solid first impression.

Speaking of websites, did you know that your “About” page is one of the most visited pages of your site? And it makes complete sense. When people visit your website, they’re looking to learn more about you and your business. Sharing a photo of yourself helps visitors put a face to a name and feel as though they’ve already been introduced to you.


When it comes to corporate portraits, you get what you pay for. No matter your industry, you cannot use a poor-quality photo as your headshot. That means no selfies, no amateur photography, and no cropping yourself out of a group photo. Don’t risk looking sloppy or unprofessional. Your portrait should reflect your reputation and competence.

With a professional photographer, all you have to do is show up looking camera-ready. The rest is in their hands. They’ll guide your posing and expressions, and bring out the very best in you. A professional can also offer a small amount of editing to touch up any blemishes or flyaway hairs.

Over the years, we’ve photographed more people than we can count: entrepreneurs, small business owners, CEOs of large corporations, entire staffs, and even a handful of celebrities. We’ve photographed people in every industry and from all walks of life, helping them project an image and style unique to themselves and their profession.

An average headshot session lasts about 30 minutes, a small exchange for such a big return. With each shoot, our photographers document the lighting schematic and background. This is kept on file, along with examples, to ensure consistency when it’s time for an updated headshot or when you hire new employees.

Take a look at your current headshot. Are you proud to share it with the world? If you’d rather draw a big red “X” across it, it’s time for headshot photography from our pros.

Contact us today to learn more or to request a customized quote.

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