So you’re thinking about incorporating video into your marketing strategy, but you’re not sure where to start.

Trust us, you aren’t alone! The possibilities are endless, making it easy to get overwhelmed when trying to identify what area of your business to focus on. To help you set things in motion, we’ve compiled a list of the seven most effective types of marketing video to consider, including examples of our work to help you visualize each one.


TV Commercials are still one of the best ways to reach the masses. Running a local or national TV spot gets you in front of your customers and helps grow your brand. With quality video, even a short spot can be strong enough to put you on the map.

Example: Fleet Feet commercial


This one has become very popular in recent years. Explainer animation videos help to simplify and quickly explain a complex process in a visual way. With the power of animation, you don’t need to worry about the weather, location scouting, sourcing props, or booking talent; everything can be digitally rendered.

Example: SECURA Insurance brand video


Studies show that including video on your website landing page can increase conversion rates. Why? Because video increases the level of trust someone has in your business. It gets people to stick around your website longer, allowing more time for your brand message to sink in. And simply, people would rather watch video content to learn about your business than read lengthy text.

Example: Oshkosh Defense “Your Mission, Our Honor”


The statistics speak for themselves: prospects who view a video of a product are 84% more likely to buy.

Video is a great way to show-and-tell your product, getting your customers familiar with it’s uses. You can easily explain all of your products capabilities by highlighting the benefits and showcasing the features. Video allows you to paint a picture for your audience, illustrating how your product could fit into their life.

Example: Kohler BubbleMassage Air Bath Hydrotherapy


Making a big announcement? Advertising an upcoming event? Releasing a new product? Introducing a new service? Utilizing a campaign video to launch your new venture will help get the word out and ignite your audience.

Example: United Way Fox Cities 2021 Campaign


Showing off your happy customers is a great way to gain the trust of prospective customers. A solid testimonial could be that final touch that seals the deal. According to marketing research, customer testimonials are the #1 most effective type of video marketing content.

Example: Employment Resource Group “Pixie Dust” testimonial


Think about your own life for a moment. How often do you start an internet search with “how to”? Statistically speaking, users are 3X more likely to watch a YouTube tutorial video than read a product’s instructions.

Whether on Google or YouTube, how-to searches are incredibly popular. They inspire and educate your audience, while establishing you as a thought-leader in your industry.

Example: Johnsonville Cajun Jambalaya recipe video

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