This has quickly become our most frequently asked question. Because of that, we thought it would be helpful to share what our crews are doing during these unprecedented times.

First of all, we are still traveling! In the past several weeks, we’ve been to Florida, Texas, California, Tennessee, and Maine. Despite the ever-changing state and local government policies, we have yet to run into any hitches in our travel – something we’ve heard to be problematic for many in our industry.

Many businesses have strict rules for working together, and we are doing everything we can to accommodate these requirements. We’ve signed contracts to abide by each client’s unique COVID policies, including COVID testing before leaving our state and/or entering theirs.

Pandemic or not, we can always count on long days while working on the road. A few extra COVID challenges certainly won’t take us off our A-game.

And we can’t help but note three positives of traveling during COVID: roomy flights, abundant parking, and minimal traffic.

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