Drones have become a trendy tool in the photography and videography industries in recent years. And for good reason. These futuristic, flying robot cameras are capable of capturing breathtaking aerial footage both safely and inexpensively. If you’re on the fence about utilizing a drone in your next project, you’re in the right place. Here are our top three reasons why drone footage will up-level your next production.

Unique Perspective

Sure, most everything can be filmed at eye-level. But in so many cases, the real magic happens when the image is captured from an aerial view. Roadways, cityscapes, bridges, real estate, landmarks, farmland, coastline – the possibilities are, quite literally, sky high. Reaching these impressive vantage points no longer requires the use of expensive cranes or helicopters. The bird’s-eye view of a drone can offer the majestic perspective that no land-based camera can.

Drone photography of a farm field and horizon

Cinematic Footage

Imagine floating through an office building, sweeping over a golf course, following alongside a runner, or scaling the height of a skyscraper. The long takes and seamless action captured by a drone give life to your production, telling the complete story with mesmerizing and engaging video content. When done correctly, drone footage can have the feel of a Hollywood film – at a fraction of the price.

Access the Inaccessible

You might not consider our industry to be a dangerous one, but our photographers and videographers have truly risked their lives for jaw-dropping images. Dangling off of cliffs at Devil’s Lake, roasting in the Sonoran Desert heat, ice climbing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and treading water in the middle of the ocean. All with a camera and gear in tow.

Drones are capable of accomplishing this kind of risky footage far more effectively. Swooping and soaring over cliffs and waterways. Through narrow canyons or out fifth-story windows. Among wildlife or in frigid temperatures. The thrilling images produced with the use of a drone will take your audience on a memorable adventure.

Drone Flying in Fall Panoramic Photography

Image Studios offers professional drone videography and photography for a range of productions.

We are licensed by the FAA for commercial film and photography use of our drones. Not only do they have a license to fly, but our drone operators have the years of artistic experience necessary for creating a buzzworthy masterpiece.

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