Product packaging: your silent salesman.

Imagine your product sitting on the supermarket shelf, right next to its competition. Your sales team isn’t there to pitch your product to consumers as they walk down the aisle. There’s nobody around to demonstrate your product’s use, highlight its features & benefits, or answer consumer questions.

This is where product packaging steps in. The packaging on your product can act as the voice of your product. If done properly, the packaging will clearly and concisely help consumers understand why they should choose your brand over another.

What makes for good product packaging?

There are many important elements of creating a visually pleasing design when it comes to product packaging. The colors and fonts chosen, as well as the imagery used, can help one product stand out from the rest. With just the right combination of those elements, you can capture a browsing shopper’s attention, convince them of your brand, and increase sales.

Showcase your product with professional photography.

When it comes to product photography, Image Studios knows how to showcase your product. With nearly 60 years in business, we’ve photographed items in every imaginable product category: food, furniture, cosmetics, appliances, airplanes, clothing, fire trucks… the list goes on.

From perfectly-lit studio shots to beautifully-scaled lifestyle shots… our experienced photographers will make your product stand out from the rest. While we love to travel, you’re always welcome at our place: a 20,000+ square foot building including four separate shooting spaces, a stylist kitchen, a set building workshop, and a never-ending variety of props and wardrobe.

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